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Bucket Shrimp

Bucket Shrimp is a brand new offer at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. Share a bucket of the juiciest crayfish, shrimp and assorted seafood with your friends and family. Crayfish boil is a specialty in Cajun cuisine and it is the most popular way of enjoying this delicious crustacean in Louisiana. Discover it right here at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT in July and August 2017 at The Square restaurant.

If you try crayfish boil in New Orleans for example, chefs will boil large amounts of live crayfish in a large pot. The boiled crayfish goes directly onto the table, usually on a sheet plastic, where everyone can enjoy together. Sure it is messy, but it’s fun and delicious. The best part is the spicy red sauce to dip the crayfish in. Crayfish boil restaurants are the most favourite places to eat in Southern Unites States. And now, the team at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT brings it to Nonthaburi!

No other restaurant in Bangkok offers Bucket shrimp. The team at The Square is so proud to bring you this delicious new way of enjoying crayfish. But not to worry, it’s not the only thing on the buffet; far from it in fact. There are lots more things to try on our amazing Crazy Crayfish buffet including a wide selection of seafood on ice featuring oysters, New Zealand mussels, crab and prawns. If seafood is not your favourite, we also have a wide variety of salads, appetizers, sushi, soups and hot dishes. Are you still hungry? Try our carving station with a rotation of lamb, pork or chicken. The team tries to please all palates and include Asian as well as western flavours.

What’s hotter than our Bucket Shrimp sauce? It’s our price and value! Book in advance, directly through our website and receive 50% off the regular price.

Only 750 THB for an all you can eat seafood buffet, it’s Crazy Crayfish time. Book now!

Available on weekend brunch and dinner from 1 July to 27 August 2017 at The Square Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.

  • Available on Saturday and Sunday brunch and dinner from 1 July until 27 August 2017
  • This price is food only and does not include drinks.
  • Accor Plus members receive additional 10% discount.


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