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Bangkok Destination

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in Asia. Rich with history and culture. For many visitors, this city is one of those places on their wish to visit list. Thailand's capital city welcomes more than thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. The city is a hub of over 6 million people. Visit Bangkok and stay at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is easy to go full vacation mode. And, it is also easy to explore Bangkok destination. The hotel's location is near the downtown, CBD and IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. IMPACT is the biggest event venue in Thailand. Hence, guests can join the event in IMPACT with ease. Also, they will find it is convenient to visit a lot of sightseeing in Bangkok and nearby areas.  

Best way to explore Bangkok destination

Bangkok has plenty to offer tourists. Thailand's main destination is famous for its oddities, cultural beauty and gritty excitement. Bangkok is an ever-changing metropolis with hidden experiences you would regret to miss. In both old town and modern parts, a number of travel sites and landmarks are as wide as its appeal is diverse. From temples, art shops, to food. Whatever you want, at any time of day or night, this city can offer you the most exciting. Exploring the big city for the first time can be daunting. So, we compile a rundown of Bangkok's most popular attractions to fit into your travel plan.  

Unique attractions

Travel to Bangkok, you will find a number of worth-visiting places. However, there is more to this amazing with hundreds of years of history. This capital city also has a rich culture where you can learn some of it in the national museum and from its locals. Or choose to enjoy classic Thai temples such as Grand Palace and Wat Pho by wandering the grounds on foot or with TukTuk. Besides this, the city is bustling business-oriented as well as nightlife that extends to the early morning hours. Moreover, travellers will find a personal and down to earth experience near the hotel. Such as MOCA, the art museum or Koh Kred, the local market on the island. You can go to those popular places on this list with a short drive from our hotel.  

One of Asia's most vibrant cities

Have you ever felt that rush when landing in Bangkok? No matter if it is your first visit or if you are a Bangkok resident. The city has a dizzying effect on its visitors. Being one of the most dynamic cities on earth. Bangkok is an attack on all senses from the places to the people. The city is where you can find a perfect blend of history, culture and modern attractions. See our concierge team's pick of the highlights and must-see places in our Bangkok destination guide.
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