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IMPACT Drift Park

IMPACT Drift Park is the hottest addition to Bangkok’s entertainment venues. The first ever of its kind, this unique track is the brain child of Khun Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director of IMPACT and Speed Park. With IMPACT Drift Park, conventional karting meets Tokyo Drift in an exciting new experience for racing fanatics.

Now everyone can drift

The track is the very first to use an electronic monitoring system which measures the position of the karts fifty times a second. The best part about drift karting is that it’s fun for everyone. It’s all about finding the right balance of speed and powering the kart into the biggest drift without spinning out. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and IMPACT Drift Park already has a crowd of loyal drifters.

Drifting fever in Thailand dates back to late 2000s. Since then, drift parks spread across Thailand and nowadays everyone knows about this exciting sport. But Drift Park is the first location to open in Bangkok. If you’re in Bangkok, don’t miss out on this new experience. Everyone can drift!

IMPACT Drift Park is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new leisure destinations in Bangkok. The park also consists of an expansive leisure and viewing zone with luxurious sofas, timing screens that relay split second updates, food and beverages and they are open throughout a year.

Just ask our friendly concierge for directions to this exciting new venue!

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