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Canal clean up with Terracycle Thailand Foundation

Canal Clean Up

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, ibis Bangkok IMPACT and Novotel Bangkok Future Park Rangsit in Thailand proudly joined hands on May 7th for a remarkable initiative.

Together, we rallied 25 dedicated employees to volunteer for a significant cause - the cleanup of Lat Phrao Canal. Despite the challenging weather conditions, their unwavering commitment turned the event into a resounding success. Together, we managed to collect an impressive 1,552 kilograms of waste.

This impactful endeavor was complemented by engaging workshop activities conducted in collaboration with TerraCycle Thai Foundation. These workshops aimed to deepen understanding regarding waste management, including waste separation and proper disposal practices.

Happy World Earth Day 2024

Let’s come together to celebrate our planet and take action to protect its beauty and diversity.

Grounding for Novotel & ibis Bangkok Impact

Heartists: Connecting to Earth

Earth Hour

In the midst of city life's concrete jungle, it's easy to lose touch with nature's grounding force. But here at Novotel & ibis Bangkok IMPACT, we're committed to fostering connections—to each other and to the Earth.

To celebrate Earth Hour, our team gathered for a grounding session, embracing the practice of earthing. It was a chance for many of us to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the natural world around us. This experience reminded us of the importance of staying grounded amidst modern chaos.

But our journey doesn't end there. We're dedicated to making grounding sessions a regular habit, alongside our existing fitness activities like aerobic classes and stairs climbing. Benjamin D. Hotel Manager of ibis IMPACT and GREEN champion, emphasizes, "We aim to educate the team to become more health-conscious. Sustainability isn't just about green actions—it's also about caring for our Heartists and their well-being."

Prioritizing our team's health and connecting deeply with the Earth, we're not only fostering a healthier workplace but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Cleaning Initiative: A Game Changer at Our Hotel

Cleaning Initiative

At ibis and Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, we’re not just embracing sustainability; we’re pioneering efforts to fundamentally transform our environmental impact.

In a bold move to minimize our ecological footprint, we have embraced a revolutionary cleaning technology: Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) from TERSANO.

This innovative approach marks a significant shift away from traditional cleaning methods, allowing us to significantly reduce our environmental impact while maintaining the highest standard of sanitization.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: By adopting SAO, we’ve drastically cut down on the use of toxic plastics and diluted chemicals, eliminating 30,000 grams of plastic waste and avoiding the use of 160,000 liters of diluted chemicals in 2023 for ibis Bangkok IMPACT.

Importantly, this shift significantly reduces our carbon footprint, not merely by minimizing waste but also by cutting down on the production and transportation of traditional cleaning containers. The SAO system’s carbon cartridges, embodying the principles of a circular economy, are reused and refurbished, further diminishing our environmental impact.

Certified Sanitization Efficacy: Beyond its environmental benefits, SAO is a certified sanitizer proven to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria. This ensures that our commitment to sustainability does not compromise our commitment to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

SAO technology harnesses the power of oxygen and water to create a potent, non-toxic cleaning agent, effectively eliminating the need for traditional chemical cleaners. This innovative approach not only ensures a safe and hygienic environment for our guests and staff but also plays a crucial role in our sustainability journey.

This transition not only reflects our dedication to preserving the planet but also ensures a safer, healthier environment for our guests and staff. We're proud to lead by example, demonstrating that sustainable practices can go hand-in-hand with providing exceptional service and cleanliness.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone and to continue supporting our sustainability efforts. Together, we can make a significant difference, one stay at a time. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a greener future.

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