Coming for event and concert in IMPACT is the ideal. IMPACT Muang Thong Thani is the most modern and largest exhibition and convention centre in Thailand. One of Asia's largest. IMPACT Muang Thong Thani has the perfect display space and excellent facilities for hosting a variety of events. Which are trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and concert. The venue is in Nonthaburi, which is easy to connect to Bangkok by expressway. Don Muang international airport and Sky Train Mo Chit station are just a few minutes away. There are many parking lots for concertgoers who bring their cars here. If you do not want to drive, transport services are in the area. All the world-class facilities make IMPACT the best convention centre in the country as well as the world. You would find coming to visit the event and concert at IMPACT is the highest level of convenience.


Boasting over 140,000 square meters of space. IMPACT has 5 main buildings with many choices of multi-function rooms and halls to meet any event kinds and sizes. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The first hall is IMPACT Challenger. This is the world’s largest column-free hall. It is also home for Thailand’s biggest car event, Bangkok International Motor Show. The show holds at IMPACT Challenger every year. Another hall is IMPACT Exhibition and convention centre. Feature 8 multi-purpose halls with 13 rooms. The hall hosts a number of leading conventions which are government and international. It is also a dream destination for events and trade shows.
Last but not least, the last main meeting building is IMPACT forum. This all-uses centre is perfect for wedding, seminars, conferences and MICE. Grand ballroom with 2,000 seats is also in this building. As it is next to Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. It is easy to reach IMPACT Forum from the hotel. There is a walk bridge on the second floor. You can take only a few minutes. If you have some free time, there are many leisure places and restaurants around the area.


IMPACT welcomes the most exciting concerts in Thailand every month! The two main concert halls in IMPACT are Arena and Thunder Dome. 4,000 square meters and a capacity up to  11,000 seats with modern technology. Most international entertainment events and concerts at IMPACT always set at this venue. IMPACT Arena welcomes the world’s famous artists to Bangkok. Many best-known singers come to perform at Arena all year round. Namely Madonna, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Maroon5. A long list of top-class events such as Miss Universe also set in this hall. Arena commits to make your concert experience the most satisfying.
If you are a big fan of South Korea’s music, you must know of Thunder Dome well. This hall is the most popular concert and event space in Thailand. Especially the Korean concert. Thunder Dome is always the place where all the KPOP artists meet and have a good time with their fans. It is very easy to get to the hall, just a short walk from Novotel.


Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is in the heart of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Offer modern comfortable rooms and excellent services such as a restaurant, spa and fitness. Our location is second to none. The hotel is near all of IMPACT's halls. And as a result, this makes our name the best hotel for visiting an event and concert at IMPACT.
Check out the upcoming event and concert at IMPACT in 2021. Only a short walk from Bangkok's best events hotel, Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.


IMPACT Convention Centre has been implemented hygiene and precautionary measures for the safety in controlling COVID-19.

The outbreak has prompted IMPACT to adapt to the new normal. The health and cleanness regulations are strictly followed. The event centre conducts the guidelines following the Department of Disease Control and the policy of the Ministry of Public Health. These address safety, keeping a safe distance from others. Increasing health and safety protocols. All areas are frequently cleaned. All visitors are asked to check-in and out via Thai Chana mobile application of the venues. Wearing a face mask, cleaning hands with alcohol gel. There is also an implementation of visitor number control and encouragement and enforcement regulations before, during, and after every event in IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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