Dream World Bangkok


Of all the amusement parks in the city, Dream World Bangkok is by far the most popular. A visit to Dream World theme park is guaranteed fun and entertainment for the whole family. Spend the day as the name suggests in a world of dreams where children’s fantasies become realities. Our little friends can sleigh or make snow angels in Snow Land, ride a rollercoaster up Space Mountain, and meet Disney princesses all in one day. While Dream World’s rides may not measure up to the best of International theme parks, the sights and attractions for smaller children are excellent, ensure an exciting and a lot of memorable photographs.

Located a short drive from Don Muang Airport, Dream World is an ideal place to visit when staying at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. Tickets cost 650 Baht for entrance and unlimited rides (excluding Snow Town which costs an extra 150 Baht).

The entrance to the park sets the scene for the magical experience: friendly, green aliens laughing beneath medieval castle walls. While it may appear a bit absurd to most adults, children will love it! If you have ever visited a Western theme park you will recognize many of the same features: cheerful music piped throughout the park, manicured gardens, flowers and water features, and a plenty of maps dotted here and there to help you navigate your way around. The park is split into four sections but just strolling around will take you through every section.

A visit to Dream World is an exciting day out for children, and with enough to keep the teens and adults entertained you can guarantee it will be a memorable holiday highlight for everyone.


Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand.

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