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IMPACT Arena welcomes the biggest acts in the world every year. It is not a coincidence that international artists and promoters choose the Arena to host concerts. The 4,000 square meters arena offers 11,000 seating capacity suitable for large scale events, international concerts, sporting and entertainment events.

The perfect place for you to stay when attending a concert at IMPACT Arena is Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. The only Bangkok city hotel located right at the heart of Thailand’s largest exhibition and convention center. The hotel is your best choice for a good night’s sleep after a high energy concert at IMPACT Arena.

This multi-purpose IMPACT Arena hall features high ceilings, special lighting panels, state of the art audio-visual systems, a soundproof wall, and surveillance cameras. The 12,000-seat hall is also an excellent venue to host large-scale conferences or opening ceremonies that require grand and spectacular theme performances. There are 25 private suites including a Royal Box which provide a private space for organizers and special guests. Each box has 18-36 seats, a private lounge area with restrooms and catering options.

The biggest acts in the world are coming to IMPACT Arena each year as it is the largest and most well equipped venue in Thailand.  Whether you’re an avid fan of the latest chart toppers, a dedicated rocker, and lifelong K-Pop and J-Pop fan or love the ambiance of classical music, IMPACT Arena has a dazzling array of concerts to suit all tastes!

World popular concerts were Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, EXO, Super Junior and loads more!

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