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Siamgems Heritage

“A journey to the world of jewellery and craftsmanship.”

There are several Gems and Jewellery museums in Thailand, but Siamgems Heritage  is one of a kind. It is the only museum which presents precious stones through an interactive exhibition. The museum pays a glorious tribute to the amazing craftsmanship of Thailand’s jewellers. Visitors are in for a breath-taking educational journey into the history of gemstones and precious accessories.

The journey begins in a huge cinema dome where visitors learn about the history of gems and jewellery. The entire experience is interactive from a 360 degree projection. Elephant sculptures sit at the entrance in a coat of real gold. That alone is enough to set the mood for your tour at Siamgems Heritage. Next, the tour takes visitors to five rooms with multimedia displays. There, you can learn about the art and science of making jewellery.

Next stop is Room #1 or the impressive Eternity of Gems room. There lies a priceless collection of prehistoric ornaments found in Thailand. Room #2 is The Reflection. Visitors can see with their own eyes as craftsmen cut and engrave average stones into precious gems. The experience is fascinating and is sure to mesmerize any audience. The third room is “The Chamber of Virtue” where visitors can find the nine auspicious gemstones of traditional Asian beliefs. Room #4 is where the museum’s grand masterpiece is on show: a tiara of 21.09 karat Siamese rubies reigns supreme in all its resplendent scarlet glory.

Among the other highlights is the last room, “Gemology”. This room displays in a captivating video the equipment and entire process of making fine jewellery. Everything from the initial design to the delicate cutting of the gems as well as framing and mounting, feature in the presentation.

Visit Siamgems Heritage on Pradithmanutham Road. You will be in awe of the talent of craftsmen in Thailand and perhaps find a token of love for that special someone. The centre is open from 12 pm – 5pm and 3-language guides are available in Thai, English and Chinese. Ask our concierge for direction and more information.

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