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Mali Market

Mali Market is located in Muang Thong Thani, but it is no different from its counterparts in Bangkok. Muang Thong was already a busy and popular destination, even more with the latest addition of Bangkok’s very first electric go kart track. Located a stone’s throw from IMPACT SpeedPark and Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, the market hosts a several street side stalls sprawling over 50 rais. SCG football pitch is also just next door and just a mile away from the original SCG Stadium.

Mali Market stalls display their prices in full view, making it a lot more shopper friendly than more touristy places like Chatuchak. Prices are much more reasonable too. The market welcomes a predominantly local crowd, but the occasional westerners can be spotted. Vendors are friendly and tend to give a little extra to their customers. Shoppers can bargain although often not necessary due to the low prices. Visitors can expect a range of affordable clothing and accessories such as jeans for as little as THB 200 and sunglasses for THB 50.

It is easy to guess why Mali Market is such a popular hangout spot. It may not be the only place to shop or have the best bargains, but the atmosphere is unbeatable. The market is busy in the evening until late at night. Students stop by for a bite to eat with friends after school, colleagues look forward to a cool beer in the beer garden and families enjoy street food together. A pleasant breeze from the lake keeps the heat down and fresh air moving. It is the perfect setting to watch a football game on one of the big screens. Who knows, your favourite football player could come sit at the table next to you after a long day of training.

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