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Nonthaburi Pier near Bangkok

Nonthaburi is the second largest city in Thailand and its pier is one of the busiest in Bangkok. Perfect for a day trip, take a short taxi ride from the hotel to the pier and explore Nonthaburi’s many attractions. The Nonthaburi crossing is the main transit point with a 24/7 crossing to the always busy Chao Phraya River.

Sights, sounds, and smells make Nonthaburi Pier a unique place to visit.

Nonthaburi Pier is the best way to get to the Nonthaburi Museum. We recommend starting your Nonthaburi adventure with this amazing historical establishment. Once the Civic Centre in the city, the hundred year old neo-classical teak house is not a well of information on the history of Nonthaburi Province. The museum details life in the old days and showcases artifacts from another era. The museum is one of the local learning and resource centers, which helps preserve the soul of the province. Admission is free; the grounds are beautiful and provide a perfect back drop for Instagram lovers. Don’t miss the Goddess Tubtim Shrine right next door; it is a haven of peace and is very sacred to the local community.

By then, your stomach is probably rumbling. Fortunately, the area is full of options for authentic Thai food. The pier is the centre of transportation in Nonthaburi, so visitors can enjoy a wide range of restaurants, hawkers and of course the legendary bake house, Nont Bakery. The bakery offers all sorts of delicious sweet and savoury goodies at unbeatable prices. One can spend hours browsing and snacking around the pier. We recommend choosing spot by the river; enjoy a leisurely meal while watching the charming riverside scenery. Visitors will undoubtedly fall in love with this part of the city.

For our last stop, we highly recommend the Nonthaburi fresh market. It is the largest wet market in Bangkok and hides true treasures. The market is the perfect place to buy gifts and treats for family and friends. From the pier, stride down to Nonthaburi Market where you can enjoy locally prepared takeaways. Mae Nai’s egg bread is an absolute must-have along with the mango sticky rice from Mae Prapaisri. The market is of a considerable size, so wandering around the whole place may take some time. However, it is worth every second: visitors will enjoy the feel reminiscent of Thailand’s rural areas. It is a very un-Bangkok spot yet so close to the city.

During your stay at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, hop over to Nonthaburi Pier. For more information, simply ask our concierge.

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