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Owl Night Market

Talad Nokhook or Owl Night Market has everything from book to broccoli. It’s not just a saying for this quirky night market which has everything one can imagine in a single location. A visit to Nonthaburi is remiss without a hop to this charming and bizarre market. 

Owl Night Market has everything from book to broccoli.

Owl Night Market sits opposite Central Plaza Rattanathibet. During the day, the mall can provide some cool and shade before tackling the giant night market. We recommend not strolling around the mall for too long, strong legs are a must when visiting the market. Catch a good movie and then begin the expedition along endless rows of goods. On Friday and Saturday, the market opens all night until 10 am the next day. All vendors are fully set up around 7pm with colourful and brightly lit stalls. Shoppers can find everything from clothes to the most outlandish objects. Even the smallest budget can go very far.

Everything here is cheaper than Bangkok’s city markets! Visitors can find snacks as low as 10 Baht at Owl Night Market food stalls. Unlike Chatuchak or Rotfai Markets, food prices are unbeatable. Visitors can also enjoy quirky items like the recently famous unicorn drink! Another highlight is the water slide, a recent addition from the previous location in Pathum Thani. This market is ideal for the adventurous visitor looking for an experience among the locals.

The easiest way to get to this quirky market is to ask our friendly concierge team. Owl Night Market does not show up on the map and everyone only knows it by its Thai name ตลาดนกฮูก เลี่ยงเมืองนนท์. A taxi from the hotel is around 20 minutes on the expressway.

Address14/87 Liang Mueang Rd, ตำบล บางกระสอ Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11000

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