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Siam Gypsy Junction

Does Siam Gypsy Junction sound familiar? This new night market was part of JJ Green; it just moved to upcoming Bang Son MRT Station recently. Fans of JJ Green Night Market can expect something very different, a complete revamp. The vibe is more eclectic and items, focused on sports as well as a western and Asian mishmash.

Siam Gypsy Junction is a true Bangkok flea market. Shoppers can find everything from collectible Lego to taxidermy buffalo, car parts, movie posters and crockery for the home. If you are a vinyl fan, some stalls have old turn tables playing records. There are no stalls selling mass produced clothes yet, so thrift store and vintage enthusiasts will find a paradise of indie outfits.

Siam Gypsy Junction of course offers plenty of food and drink choices. But the most striking aspect of the atmosphere is the Wild West influence. Some walkways have bales of hay to sit on and some of the bars are decorated with saloon doors. Shoppers won’t find any actual cowboys, but the atmosphere is quirky and fun. Best buys include old school toys, second hand faux antiques, Harley Davidson collectibles, comic books and even sweets.

The flea market promises lots of fun; the only downside is that it’s not fully pedestrian so keep an eye on the cyclists and motorcyclists driving through the market. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our concierge.

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