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Prathom-Nonthaburi Palace

The Prathom-Nonthaburi Palace is located in Nonthaburi, about 20 minutes’ drive from Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. The palace is quite unique as it was built in a mixture of Thai and European architecture in 1919. The palace originally located in Bangkok, belonged to His Royal Highness Prince Juthathuttharadilok (1892-1923), son of revered King Chulalongkorn, and was later moved to Nonthaburi in 1984.

The main highlight of the The Prathom-Nonthaburi Palaceis the century-old harp which belonged to Prince Juthathuttharadilok, showcased within the same compound as The Prathom. The harp is the centre piece of the “Princely Things” exhibition held every year during which the main attraction the Afternoon Tea and Open House in early December. Gold birth plaques, royal regalia, porcelain and dinnerware are on display, as well as a very rare glassware collection belonging to Prince Juthathuttharadilok’s mother, Her Majesty the Queen Saovabha. Miniature silver and Japanese porcelain dinner sets belonging to Princess Sudasiri Sobha (1921-1998) also on display, along with her collection of Venetian and bohemian glassware.

The tea party held at The Prathom-Nonthaburi Palace is a fundraiser to benefit Queen Saovabha’s Fund for the Thai Red Cross. This event is usually marked by classical music, with performances on the harp by musicians from the Tamnak Prathom Harp Ensemble, from the Tamnak Prathom Harp Centre.

For more information about how to get to THE PRATHOM-NONTHABURI PALCE, please do not hesitate to contact our concierge.


3/19 Moo 1 Nonthaburi Road Muang Nonthaburi 11000

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