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Wat Phuet Udom

If you want a jolt of adrenaline and gore, pay a visit to Wat Phuet Udom. This very unique temple is located on Klong Hok Wa and depicts Buddhist Hell through gruesome sculptures. Merit-making is a deeply set belief in Thai Buddhism; failure to do so and giving into sin will send you to hell. Visitors can find out about all the punishments in hell if they lead a life of sin.

Wat Phuet Udom is not for the faint of heart. It looks like a regular temple from the outside, until you step inside its walls. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by an enforcer of the underworld riding a giant rooster. Gaze at a replica of a famous reclining Buddha inside the shrine hall, and then proceed to the stairs to the 6 realms of heaven and finally hell. That’s where the adventure really begins.

The entrance sets the mood immediately with a sign reading: The messengers of death are wailing… A large mouth ready to swallow you whole leads through dark walkways surrounded by fake skeletons and animals. Sculptures of sinners tortured in hell are scattered around and are sometimes very graphic. Wat Phuet Udom depicts a very vivid and gory picture for the consequences of mortal sins. Visitors will think twice about adultery when viewing the sculpture of sinners forced to climb a tree of spines. Or reconsider telling lies for fear of getting your tongue cut off. Thieves get no mercy with a shocking amputation of both hands.

The temple is certainly creepy and gory, but also great fun if you like scary things. Only 20 minutes’ ride from the hotel by taxi, it is an easy and exciting day trip.

Wat Phuet Udom opens daily from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm.


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