buffet at IMPACT Muang Thong

Buffet IMPACT Muang Thong

There are a lot of restaurants in the area, but the only buffet at IMPACT Muang Thong is at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. The Square restaurant is an all day dining spot is where diners can enjoy the best deals on buffet at IMPACT Muang Thong. At The Square, we create a dynamic range of deals every month, throughout the year. We offer seasonal deals and keep things fresh so that even our returning guests can enjoy something new each time they visit.

As the seasons progress and temperatures vary in Bangkok, our team of experience chefs cooks up various deals and specials to best fit the weather. For example this month at The Square, the team is featuring a Vegetarian selection for the upcoming Vegetarian Festival in Thailand. However, once that is over, it’s time to get your meat on with a Butcher’s Market. This fun buffet concept at IMPACT Muang Thong allows guests to select their favorite cut of meat from a wide selection of chicken breasts, juicy steaks, sausages, pork chops and skewers to be prepared on the spot by our grill experts. While waiting for your meat to cook, load up on salads, soup, hot and cold appetizers before enjoying your piping hot main course, cooked to perfection. Let’s not forget our homemade desserts, a favorite feature in The Square buffet at IMPACT Muang Thong.

Aside from our wide variety of food offers, Novotel Bangkok IMPACT has ongoing specials and discounts for AccorPlus card holders. As the hotel is managed by AccorHotels, AccorPlus holders can benefit from stunning deals on food and beverage. How does it work? Two diners enjoying The Square buffet at IMPACT Muang Thong not only taste mouth-watering food, but are also eligible for a 50% discount on the bill if one of the diners holds an AccorPlus card. Discounts vary according to the number of diners, but the deals are unbeatable. Find out about AccorPlus when visiting our buffet next time you are at IMPACT Muang Thong.

Craving for a yummy meal before a concert but you haven’t yet purchased an AccorPlus card? We’ve got just the thing. Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is the only event hotel in Muang Thong and we know how to delight audiences before and after a show. On the day of the concert, we let you take maximum advantage of that show ticket. Dine at The Square and get half price on our buffet at IMPACT Muang Thong when presenting your concert ticket. With a happy stomach and feeling energized, show goers will be ready to make some noise.

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