Cafe in Muang Thong

Cafe in Muang Thong

Whether it is a business meeting, an indoor sports game, or a live concert packed with thousands of fans. Every event calls IMPACT Muang Thong Thani a first-rate venue. IMPACT is set in Muang Thong Thani, part of Nonthaburi. As IMPACT welcomes more than 1,000 events and 15 millions of visitors each year. Including government meetings and international conventions. Moreover, a lot of people come here for entertainment goals as world-class concert well. No wonder why Muang Thong is one of the busiest areas in Thailand. Even Muang Thong Thani is known as busy convention venue, the eatery here is popular as well! Besides the hustle and bustle, there is a lot of restaurant and cafe in Muang Thong Thani. Range from classic Thai dessert shop, which offers many traditional Thai desserts or Kanom Wan Thai. Such as Mango Sticky Rice, Thong Muan and Kanom Piak Poon. Homemade bakery which offers daily fresh-baked bread. To international Asian modern cafe offer trendy Korean style shaving Ice and Japanese-style honey toast. Visitor can enjoy all sweets they want at this small city.


There are choices of the cafe in Muang Thong Thani. Sweet tooth person can find various kind of dessert around the area! However, you will need to go further from IMPACT area. Most cafes and restaurants are away from the venue zone. They are mostly set on Bond street, which is a bit far from the centre of the venue. It might take quite a long period of time to get there if you depart from IMPACT area.

However, if you wish for a quick drink but your break time is not long, come to the Deli shop! This cafe is located on a lobby floor of Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. The 4-star hotel is in the centre of Muang Thong Thani. Close to all halls of IMPACT. Hence, you do not have to take a long walk in order to have a glass of coffee.

COZY Cafe in Muang Thong

Deli Shop offers you your morning iced coffee, break-time homemade cake or after-dinner cappuccino! Stylish décor along with wide glass window let the sunshine in and plenty of seating. This cosy cafe features a long list of beverages and instagrammable pastries which is worth for your online story. You can enjoy all of them at our relaxing couches or the communal tables with your friends. All make Deli shop a perfect place to relax during a day in IMPACT.


Being on a business trip, getting spare time might be tough. You and your colleague can have a coffee break without having to go far from the hall. You can take the air-conditioned bridge from IMPACT Forum and IMPACT Challenger to the hotel. If your meeting is at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention centre, it is even easier to get Deli Shop. The hotel’s cafe is just across the road from this IMPACT hall. Keep a relaxing time going at Deli Shop without hurry back to the event. As we are just opposite to the hall, you still have plenty of time strolling back!

At Deli Shop, we make serious roasted coffee. Select only premium grade beans. Offer a wide selection of freshly brewed coffee to boost up your working day. Whether your preference is well-made espresso, a fresh-milk option such as Latte, or rich and smooth frappe glass. We have them all.

More than a coffee break, sitting in Deli Shop is a time to share, connect and relax with colleagues. Being on a positive and bright environment plus a favourite cup of caffeine. Some of the best ideas and decisions happen at this cafe in Muang Thong Thani.

คาเฟ่น่านั่ง เมืองทองธานี


When buying a ticket to see some of your beloved artists, more than often, you will end up in Muang Thong Thani. As many concerts held at two popular halls, which are Arena and Thunder Dome. Both halls are super close to Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.

Deli Shop is a lovely space for waiting for your friend before attending the concert at Arena together. We have many selections of beautiful and delicious pastries. We recommend you to try our homemade delight cheesecake. A lot of flavours are on display every day. Such as the classic like Crème brûlée, or lemon flavour to add some zest to the afternoon. Best paired with fruity smoothies and milk tea. After a light meal, you can go straight to the hall with a short walk or a few minutes on a shuttle bus ride. It is more convenient if your dear KPOP concert is at Thunder dome. As Deli shop is the nearest cafe in Muang Thong to this venue. Take a cone of creamy soft serve and walk to the hall with ease! We also offer 12-hour free parking space when you order your choice of drink at the cafe.

MORNING MUNCHIE at Cafe in Muang Thong

Leaving IMPACT in the early morning is not a problem when you stay at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. Looking for morning fix, come to the ground floor! Deli Shop opens from 6.30 o’clock. We prepare a healthy array of sandwiches and freshly homemade bakery. Ham cheese, tuna and egg bacon is only a few examples of our sandwiches choice. Daily salad boxes are also ready for you to grab and go. While waiting for a taxi, you can enjoy them at our comfortable couches. If you are in hurry, our friendly staff will pack your breakfast for you to enjoy on the way to Don Muang International Airport.

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