Fitness Center Muang Thong at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT

Fitness Center Muang Thong

In Balance Fitness by Novotel is a signature wellness area to help you maintain and enhance your current health and fitness routine. In Balance Fitness by Novotel is a cozy fitness center in Muang Thong. Located at IMPACT Forum hall, right next to Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. It is the ideal workout area for everyone! Especially for those who like to stay in shape while on a business trip. And we welcome all guests and visitors with a desire to keep a healthy balance and sense of well-being. For a morning jump start, we open the doors from early morning at 6 o’clock. And stay open until 10 o’clock at night everyday if you prefer to hit the gym after work.

In Balance Fitness features a variety of international standard fitness equipment, an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, a sauna and steam room. We also offer the best membership programme. If you enjoy a good workout but not in a crowded gym or if you like to work out close to home. Then In Balance Fitness by Novotel is the perfect place for you. Our location is easy to access and right in the heart of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. We also have enough parking lots in case you bring your personal cars. You can also take IMPACT shuttle bus to get to our gym as well. The buses come by the front of Novotel Bangkok IMPACT every half an hour.

Fitness Equipment

Apart the great location in Muang Thong Thani, In Balance Fitness by Novotel is designed to meet all of your needs. For travellers who have serious health and wellness goals. There is nothing better than working up a sweat in a peaceful fitness room. And away from any distractions. It’s perfect for those visiting IMPACT Muang Thong Thani for business or leisure. In Balance Fitness by Novotel makes it easy to keep up with your healthy routine. We are the best fitness center in Muang Thong.

Enjoy working out at In Balance Fitness by Novotel. With modern high quality machines ready for your workout routines. We have treadmills, up right bikes, free weight dumbbells, yoga mats and other fitness equipment all in the room. With flat-screen televisions on the machines for you to enjoy while you work out. If you want to keep fit and healthy while you are at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Make your way to In Balance Fitness anytime you want.

Staying in shape while travelling is easy at INBALANCE Fitness by Novotel, fitness center in Muang Thong Thani.

Indoor Swimming Pool

With your health and well-being a high priority. Novotel Bangkok IMPACT offers a tranquil respite from your busy day and the heat of Bangkok. The indoor pool is the perfect place to take a breather, whether rain or shine. And chlorine can have side effects on sensitive skin and hair. So our unique salt water pool is relaxing and gentle on the body. You can soothe sore muscles and relax after a busy day. This is ideal pool for those who are looking for something different from the average swimming pool. And you do not have to be concerned about the temperature while dipping in our pool. Our indoor pool is heated for your comfort and enjoyment. There is also have a Jacuzzi for relaxing in between laps or after your work out.

This is the only fitness center in Muang Thong Thani with an indoor salt water swimming pool. And you can also relax indoors on the reclining chairs next to the pool. Why not also order fresh juice as well as healthy grab-and-go food items from our 94 Bar. Located just a few steps in the Hotel Lobby.

Sauna and Steam Room

After blasting calories by working out on our modern fitness machines. Have a seat in our sauna and steam room for some post-workout relaxation. Your muscles may ache after some tough training. And it is important to relax the muscles to promote a quick and healthy recovery. The heat from both rooms can help reduce joint pain and blood pressure. And being in the heat of a steam room can release stress. Steam opens the skin’s pores and clears out skin impurities. And also promotes a healthy blood flow that give the skin a healthy glow. This makes your skin look and feel better. Our sauna and steam room are an excellent way to wind down from your workout! In Balance by Novotel is the only fitness center in Muang Thong Thani where you can enjoy the sauna and steam room at the same time.

Amenities and Facilities

Towels and fresh cool water are provided in the fitness room. Women and mens changing room are available for those who join us at In Balance Fitness by Novotel. With many facilities and amenities at In Balance by Novotel. And include showers, personal lockers and hair dryers all available to use. We also know that browsing the news on the internet is an inevitable activity while running on the treadmills. And we have free internet WIFI access in the fitness and hotel area.

Health and wellness centre at Novotel

In Balance Fitness by Novotel is the perfect place to relax and keep in shape. During your stay at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. You can ramp up the intensity with cardio machines and muscle-strengthening machines. Or relax in our indoor saltwater pool. We have the highly trained and caring staff to make sure your workout time is safe. If you are looking for a quiet fitness centre is that fully equipped with state of the art machines. In Balance Fitness by Novotel is definitely the leading fitness centre in Muang Thong Thani. This wellness centre certainly meets all the needs and requirements.

In Balance Spa by Novotel, is a serene area. Right next to the fitness centre. The masseuses will pamper you. Enjoy a wide selection of therapy programmes. Such as full-body, head and foot massage with the premium organic spa products.


Fitness Center Muang Thong

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