Seafood Buffet in Nonthaburi

Seafood Buffet in Nonthaburi

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is the best spot for a seafood buffet in Nonthaburi for the whole year. Get ready to salivate with the new Fresh River Prawns Thermidor Seafood Buffet promotion at The Square restaurant. Our team of chefs brings out all the flavours of the sea every weekend. The Square restaurant puts prime imported cuts of premium meats in the spotlight. The menu selection includes Australian, Japanese, and New Zealand meats grilled to perfection. Guests can experience some of the finest quality meats as individual dishes or enjoy a seafood buffet on the weekends.

Whether you prefer shellfish or fish, cooked or raw, big or small, this is the best seafood buffet in Nonthaburi. It simply has everything you can imagine. Diners can enjoy a large variety of hot and cold dishes combining the freshest seafood and multiple Thai and international flavours. Our chefs will excite your taste buds with sushi, clams and prawns in Thai sauces, fish, meats and carving stations. This is just a perfect surf & turf buffet! We have everything to make your mouth water!

Best Seafood Buffet in Nonthaburi

Doesn’t that already sound really good? Well, there is more. This seafood buffet in Nonthaburi also highlights Chef’s choices and Fresh River Prawns Thermidor. To name some of the highlights in our previous buffet themes, the Chef brought Surat Oysters, premium Noodle Soup and Grilled Rock Lobsters to pair with fresh river prawns. Pick your favourites, hand them to our chefs to prepare and serve them piping hot at your table. Our Executive Chef carefully selects the river prawns from the best suppliers. The prawns come to the Novotel Bangkok Impact while still alive and pinching! That’s not all: Thermidor River Prawns Seafood Buffet will give you the very best selection for the best price.

Our team will cook up all the juicy prawns and Chef’s choices every Saturday brunch.  All these Grand seafood buffet costs a special rate of 899 Baht per person at The Square website. (payment required at the restaurant).


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