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Seafood Weekend Brunch

For some it’s the egg station, others the cold cuts, but for most the seafood weekend brunch wins it all. What is the best thing about brunch? Seafood is by far the most popular item in the weekend brunch at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. Let’s take the tour and explore what the chefs have prepared this weekend.

First, where can you find this seafood weekend brunch? The whole affair takes place at The Square all day dining restaurant, located on the mezzanine floor of the hotel. Coming up the escalator, guests immediately catch the aromas of the restaurant. To the left, the buffet offers a variety of fresh salads and condiments, and then comes the seafood. The display consists of fresh prawn, squid, mussels and of course oysters on a bed of ice with assorted condiments. Guests can enjoy them Thai style of with just a drop of fresh lemon. The rest of the weekend brunch is just as interesting; with a different roast varying from lamb to beef or pork, assorted dim sum, sushi, and assorted western and Thai hot dishes of fish, meats and more seafood.

Aside from offering the seafood weekend brunch, Novotel Bangkok IMPACT also provides parking facilities for guests who are not staying at the hotel. The Square restaurant is a bright and relaxed eatery serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fare ranges from international cuisines, Thai and kid’s menu. In addition, The Square also serves up a rotating selection salad bar, pasta and Thai favorites including noodle soups, satay, spicy salads and samosas.

To experience Novotel Bangkok IMPACT’s seafood weekend brunch, simply visit us at our address or call in advance for a reservation. We are at your service.

Seafood Weekend Brunch Buffet (Sat – Sun) from noon to 3 pm

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