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Staycation in Bangkok

No more long-haul travel plans, enjoy a staycation in Thailand! How about having an enjoyable vacation. without taking a long journey and spending hours in transit? This year is the best time to take a staycation. It is time to book rooms and enjoy a Staycation in Bangkok. So, before you plan your next trip. Scroll down to find out more for a satisfying staycation.

Leave the busy world behind and enjoy your break in Bangkok. Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is one of the Bangkok staycation spots on everyone’s list. Feature spacious rooms and great services. Visitors often savour delicious food and drinks at the hotel’s on-site restaurant and bar. Every room comes with a well designed interior and 4-star amenities.

Staycation in Bangkok

With all the rush of life at work and study. You will have less time to relax. It would be nice to take a break from your busy work life. Staycation is what you need at the moment! 

It is a great chance to travel and enjoy the local cities near where you live. Appreciate the local surroundings more. No need to plan for a long time. Book the rooms at a luxury hotel with top services. And enjoy your time in the spa, pool and premium restaurants. All at a great price.

Consider planning a staycation in Bangkok? One of the best places to enjoy your staycation is sure to be Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. 

Bangkok has a lot to explore!

It is no surprise that a vibrant city like Bangkok takes the top spot for best staycation locations in Thailand. Bangkok is home to both modern sights. and traditional Thai culture such as temples and museums. So, why don’t you spend your upcoming Staycation in Bangkok?

Spend your day-offs for a memorable yet budget-friendly staycation in this city.

Staycation in Bangkok

Best hotel for your next staycation trip

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT offers a valuable stay near Bangkok. The 4-star hotel from Accor is in IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. a northern part of Bangkok. With only a short drive from the city centre. There are many tourist places around. Visitors also find local food, rest and relaxation. All you can enjoy without travelling so far from where you live. Book the comfy rooms at Novotel and enjoy all the hotel can offer! 

The 4-star hotel of Accor. Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is perfect for a staycation. which will add a little luxury and lots of amenities to make your stay special. This hotel has a lot to offer you during your vacation. Some of its amazing facilities are an indoor pool, fitness. sauna and steam room, and spa. You can also have access to the bar and restaurant which serves great food and drinks. The hotel is also kid-friendly, with entertainment, activities and services for the kids. Such as kids rooms and a kids’ pool.

Your Staycation dream

IMPACT Muang Thong Thani has a little something for everyone. It is close to sightseeing and outdoor activities near the hotel. You can find out more about the place to visit and things to do near IMPACT Muang Thong Thani here. Or ask the hotel’s friendly concierge for more information. They are happy to help! 

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