Meeting room in Bangkok, Novotel Bangkok IMPACT

Meeting room in Bangkok

Because a great location is one of the main factors for a great meeting. Novotel Bangkok IMPACT offers a perfect option of meeting room in Bangkok. The hotel pulls out all the fine space solutions for meetings, events and business events. With a pack of services to support a successful meeting. The meeting rooms are well equipped with high standard furniture and advanced technology tools. Including audio facilities, high-speed internet WIFI, coffee and refreshments. There is also a highly experienced team of Business Centre to help you plan your successful meeting. Novotel’s meeting room is an ideal place for holding a business meeting. Novotel Bangkok IMPACT ensures your meeting will be perfect.


Ideal place for your meeting in Bangkok

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT boasts its notable location near IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. As well as stylish ornaments and full meeting facilities. Located in the heart of IMPACT Maung Thong Thani, it makes these meeting rooms in Bangkok most convenient. As Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is the only hotel which shares a direct way to IMPACT Forum and IMPACT Challenger. Your team can walk to each hall with ease. There is a shuttle bus service that goes round the area all day. An expressway is behind the hotel building. This allows an easy commute from the meeting in IMPACT Muang Thong Thani to the city centre.


Cater all you need

When it comes to space and meeting rooms in Bangkok, there are a lot of options available. However, if you wish for the nearest one to IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Your top choice is Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. Meeting room at Novotel is a classic boardroom that can adjust to meet what you and your team want. All are for the best meeting experience. The modern rooms are the ideal setting for important meetings for up to 12 persons. The space is perfect for seminars, business and private meetings. All make Novotel’s function rooms a suitable venue for the most success of meetings.


Meeting solutions at IMPACT

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT’s meeting rooms are most suitable for board meetings, brainstorming sessions and interviews. These meeting rooms for up to 12 is a conducive space for your team to gather for the next meeting.

Wide glass windows allow natural light to the stylish room. If you would like the brighter light, you can control it as well. The rooms also come with comfortable office chairs for a delightful environment to get work done in. The tables also come with their own handy electrical outlets. So you and your team never have to worry about running out of your battery charge on devices. Moreover, we provide high-speed WIFI access. There is also a wide HD TV screen and access to audiovisual tools. To project presentations for your entire team to see. Or even host video conferences with a team working far away or abroad. Stationery for all users such as notepads, flip chart, whiteboard and markers are free of charge.


Meeting room in Bangkok


Comfortable is a key

Fitting 12 people comfortably, the room is spacious and comes with modish carpeting. This meeting room in Bangkok is a combination of wood and modern décor, create a truly pleased and delightful ambience. Its design that not only looks beautiful but works great too. Working with top architects and thought leaders in the world, we are leaders in design thinking for a great workplace. Perfect for various functions, board meeting and video calls designed to impress. Business Centre team is always on service to make sure your important meeting runs smoothly and there are no flaws.


Best catering service

Besides space, Novotel Bangkok IMPACT also provides a catering service. The coffee breaks can be arranged in various theme settings to impress your meeting delegates. And make your meeting a successful one. Our highly experienced team will set a relaxing space with a beautiful array of healthy snack as you wish. If you hold the full-day meeting. Enjoy delicious lunch at The SQUARE, the hotel’s main restaurant. Head Chef prepares both Thai and Western lunch options to please all team members. This included in a full day package. In addition, high-quality service for other meals with menus available on requests such as breakfast, afternoon tea or Canapes.


Dining after meeting

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT offers the most convenient at Muang Thong Thani area to all guests while the event takes place. Hold a meeting at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT means your team will be spoiled for a number of dining options. There are 2 main restaurants. The SQUARE is an all-day dining restaurant serving Thai and international dishes. Guests can spend time enjoying their favourite menus in comfortable seats and a warm atmosphere.

The other eatery is 145°F Grill & Bar, a new complement to the hotel. Create out of the love for the finest grill and food. Bringing you the best grill experience with its signature, Tomahawk. Its bar is a star here. Setting in the loft yet modern ambience, bartenders will bring craft cocktail along with a number of drink lists to you. Your team may celebrate the success of work at this grill & bar and enjoy the view of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani through glass windows.


Perfect meeting space

Whether you are holding informal meets or business meeting, Novotel Bangkok IMPACT can provide all meeting tools and delicious coffee break combo to meet all your needs. With the best whole package of meeting room in Bangkok. The fully-integrated solution will help you maximize usage, efficiency and collaboration to create a great workplace environment. They are what Bangkok’s local businesses and international team cater for.

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