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Centralplaza Westgate

CentralPlaza Westgate is a perfect example of “size does matter”! This massive shopping mall in Bangkok is not just huge, but it also has the biggest IKEA in the city right next door. The concept for this shopping mall is “Have a BIG Life” and spans on 100 rai of land or roughly 40 acres of land. This super size shopping center also boasts state of the art technology and innovative features which wow shoppers daily.

A massive shopping mall in Bangkok with the biggest IKEA store!

Open since August 2015, CentralPlaza WestGate is not too far from Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. A short taxi drive to Bang Yai Intersection between Kanchanapisek Road and Rattanathibet Road. The complex showcases enormous and colorful features, including a giant LED water feature and a music garden.

The 500,000-square-meter shopping complex consists of Central Department Store with nearly 40,000 square meters of space and an extensive range of products. The outlets are sure to lure shopaholics from all over the city. Movie fans can check out the various movie theatres with WestGate Cineplex, including a Kid Cinema. Virgin Active Clubs and Doraemon Comic World are also part of the colossal shopping complex.

Adults, children, young and old will be able to spend endless hours of fun at CentralPlaza WestGate. The shopping center will house an international food center, lifestyle dining as well as family dining, takeaway and all the snack food you can lay your hands on. This amazing food wonderland will cover about 23,000 m2 of space.

What’s more, the second IKEA store in Bangkok is also there. Get your shopping fix just a short drive from Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. For more information about how to get to CentralPlaza WestGate, please do not hesitate to contact our concierge.

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