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Yaowarat Chinatown

Bangkok’s Chinatown, also known as Yaowarat, is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city. One of the main reasons for its popularity is food. Packed with market stalls and street-side restaurants, Yaowarat Chinatown is a true food haven for those who enjoy Chinese cuisine or just want to embark on a food adventure.

Busy day and night, Chinatown has a powerful energy which is contagious, especially during major festivals like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival. Certainly one of Bangkok’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Chinatownthrobs and bustles, and is one of the city’s best locations for walking, due to its narrow lanes, lack of traffic, and charming old shop houses and active street side community.

Back to the food; Yaowarat becomes a culinary hotspot at night, with restaurants spilling off the footpaths onto the street itself. Most are open only at night and serve great food, specializing mostly in seafood. The busier the restaurant, the better, as the activity equals the quality of the food. The bright neon lights, red Chinese lanterns, and huge crowds that come here to eat, drink, and wander make Chinatown very lively. While it is busy all the time, the atmosphere at night is very different from the bustling market feel during the day.

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Yaowarat Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100

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