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Wat Takien Floating Market

A good excursion to do at the weekend is to visit one of the many floating markets that are within easy reach of Bangkok. The one closest to Novotel Bangkok IMPACT is called Wat Takien Floating Market in Nonthaburi, to the Northwest of Central Bangkok. If you are coming from Bangkok, you can get there via the Rama V Bridge.

The floating market at Wat Takien is relatively new. There used to be a much older one nearby called Bang Ku Wiang Floating Market. However, that has long since closed due to the modernization of transportation during the last century. Once the roads and highways were built, people went from getting around by boat to travelling by car which is obviously quicker and more convenient. However, there is a growing trend these days to revive some of the old markets. That is why the local community opened this market at Wat Takien.

Many of these markets open early in the morning. However, many of the stalls are still being set up at 9 am. So exploring the temple first is a good alternative. In front of the chapel there is a giant tiger’s head which has a doorway which takes you underneath the building. Inside there are a number of different shrines. Buddhists here walk around these shrines in a clockwise direction while chanting to bring good luck. The exit is through the head of a giant dragon.


Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi

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