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Baan Bangkhen
25 September 2017

Baan Bangkhen is a unique collection of small museums and a paradise for vintage enthusiasts. Only 20 minutes from Novotel Bangkok IMPACT by taxi, it is a great spot to spend some relaxing time with family and friends, while taking a trip down memory lane. There are collections of retrospective goodies, coffee shops, a beautiful garden, and they are open 24/7!

The original inspiration for Baan Bangkhen is the owner, Sompong Pisankitvanich who has a real passion for vintage collectibles. The property spans over 5 rai into cluster museums displaying Sompong’s large collection of retro paraphernalia. His wish is to paint a picture of life in the 1960’s for younger generations, before the advent of shopping malls and convenient stores. The museums are a reflection of the architecture of the 1960’s and each museum displays objects on a specific theme. One of the buildings is Baan Por Luang which is homage to the late King Rama IX. The collectibles comprise old photographs, commemorative coins and stamps and other royal items related to the Ninth Reign (1946 – 2016) and this is one only few places that the public can view royal mementos relating to the Ninth Reign spanning over 70 years.

Another highlight of Baan Bangkhen is Baan Coke, a fascinating place for Coke lovers. This Coca Cola Museum displays everything about the one-of-a-kind soft drink. The museum assembles Coke bottles from of all over the world and all Coke brand collectibles like mugs, jars, dolls, and even retro Coke vending machines. Other attractions include a stunning garden with tree houses open for visitors to climb up and explore. The garden is the perfect setting for selfie lovers, with two vintage cars on display and quirky murals for a fun backdrop. There are also several specialty stores showcasing the lifestyle of that era, before the days of shopping malls. The stores inventories range from clocks, radios, Chinese apothecary, groceries, classroom supplies and even an old fashioned barbershop.

Drop by the café after for a break and take in the unique interior while enjoying a coffee and snack. The passion of the owner is immediately visible from the moment you step on the property. The outdoor food centre and the dining area are furnished to look like places in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Baan Bangkhen is the perfect spot for a weekend day trip of just a leisurely afternoon stroll. Adults will feel nostalgic while reliving their fondest memories and younger visitors can discover their parents’ childhood life. The place is open 24 hours but the best time is 10 am when all stalls are open. The admission is only 20 THB. Just ask our concierge for more information and directions.

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