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Loha Prasat

Loha Prasat also known as the Metal Castle is one of Bangkok’s lesser known attractions, despite its obvious elegance and majesty. Of all the three unique brazen palaces in the world, Loha Prasat is the only one still standing. Loha Prasat is at Wat Ratchanaddaram Temple on Ratcha Damnoen Klang Avenue in Bangkok’s old town.

The Metal Castle, Loha Prasat was submitted to UNESCO in 2005 to become a world heritage site. While the status is still pending, it is very clear that the temple has significant historical importance.

Built in 1846, the castle and temple were inspired by two other similar temples in India and Sri Lanka. Loha Prasat consists of a 36 m high construction supporting 37 metal spires representing the 37 virtues of enlightenment. Loha Prasat is the Indian name dating from the time of Buddha. It refers to a building with metal pinnacles used by monks as their living quarters.

While the temple and grounds are remarkable, the surrounding area is also breath taking. An amazing green avenue leads to the temple, quite resembling the Champs Elysees in Paris. Visitors can walk around the alleys and pillars, which until very recently were falling to ruins. Fortunately, His Majesty the King ordered its restoration for all visitors to admire. At the back of Loha Prasat is also a popular amulet and Buddha statues market to grab a lucky charm of your own.

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Ratchadamnoen Klang Tai Alley, Wat Bawon Niwet, Bangkok

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