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Bang Pa-In Palace

Bang Pa-In Palace is located just a few miles down the Chao Phraya River. Built in the 17th century as a summer palace for Ayutthaya Kings, Bang Pa-In Palace is of rare beauty. Each building has a different architectural style and shares some similarities with the Grand Palace. Divided into two zones like the Grand Palace, there is an inner and outer zone. The outer zone is for Royal ceremonies and the inner zone is reserved for the King, his consorts and their family only.

Bang Pa-In Palace has a very unique architectural style with an East meets West approach. The palace is very European in design. An artificial pond dominates the lay out at the entrance and buildings are spread around it. At the end of the long walkway the pond changes shape and looks more natural. There stands the “piece de resistance” ofBang Pa-In: a magnificent Thai pavilion with an even more impressive name “The divine seat of personal freedom”. The pavilion is the only example of classical Thai architecture in the palace.

The inner buildings at Bang Pa-In Palace are in various styles. The main residence is a modern version of the original building, which was designed as a Swiss Chalet. The reconstruction is more French influenced. That building is still used by the royal family and is therefore closed to the public. One building which is open to the public is also the most interesting of all. The Chinese residence at Bang Pa-In Palace is a complex building built in Chinese style as a gift from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in 1889. The interior is all in breathtaking ebony and red lacquer.

Visitors at Bang Pa-In Palace will also notice a small church on an island. The design is quite original and looks very Gothic. Visitors are always surprised to learn that it is in fact a Thai Buddhist temple called Wat Niwet Thamaprawat. It is worth a trip on the cable car across the river.

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Ban Len Phra, Nakhon Si, Ayutthaya

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