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Vimanmek Mansion

A jewel of architecture, Vimanmek Mansion is the world’s largest teakwood building. It was built as a royal residence in the first few years of the twentieth century. Sadly, it was only used for a few years before it fell into disuse and was practically forgotten until the early eighties. It was rediscovered by Her Majesty the Queen and turned into museum reflecting the Thai heritage from the dramatic reign of King Rama V.

Vimanmek is now a major tourist attraction to which large tour groups flock daily, especially in the high season. However, most of the big groups will only tour the royal mansion and will not explore the other equally interesting buildings. For a complete tour, it is recommended to hire your own tour guide and save at least half a day for explorations around the magnificent complex. Make sure to start early to avoid the scorching heat of Bangkok.

As it is a royal building, some rules apply:

  1. Dress modestly. This roughly means the same attire one would wear to a temple, with no exposed shoulders or shorts above the knee.
  2. No photography allowed inside. You will in fact be required to leave your camera at lockers provided at the entrance of every building.
  3. No shoes inside. Of course this is true of all Thai houses so it’s best to wear shoes that come off and on easily.

Keep your ticket handy. You will be required to show it at every building entrance.

Address : 16 Rajvithi Rd, Dusit, Bangkok 10300

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