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Kamthieng House
28 March 2017

Kamthieng House is a gem hiding in plain sight at one of the busiest junctions on Sukhumvit, in Bangkok’s city centre. It sits at the connection stations of Asoke BTS and Sukhumvit MRT, making it really easy to access right behind Terminal 21. Once you step into the compound, the atmosphere is unrecognizable. Visitors will immediately forget that they are in the middle of a bustling city. The 700 year old traditional Lanna teak house is under the Royal patronage of the Siam Society.  The Siam society is famous for their role in preserving traditional Thai culture and architectural landmarks.

Lanna is often referred to as the golden era of Northern Thailand’s history. In the 13th century, the Lanna kingdom was at the centre of Thailand’s rice cultivation under the reign of King Rama V. Kamthieng House is depicts perfectly the life of a traditional rural family in that era. It usually takes under 1 hour to explore the house, but it always captivates visitors from start to finish. Historical artefacts are on display, including a rice granary, household tools and a loom for weaving silk. Everything has a label and a short description for a better understanding of Thai history and culture. One thing is for certain, visitors will leave with lots of pictures on their phone or camera.

The most striking aspect of Kamthien House is the sharp contract between the compound and the surrounding neighbourhood. Looking up, you are surrounded by tall concrete buildings with little green space. Shopping malls and constant traffic noises clash with old trees, green garden and the sound of birds singing. It is an amazing haven in the middle of a city that doesn’t sleep. Originally from Chiang Mai province, the house has an interesting journey. The great granddaughter of Prince Muaeng Chae is the original owner of the house since 1848. In 1963 the descendant of the original owner generously gave the house to The Siam Society and it is now their head quarter.

Kamtheing House is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm. Just ask our concierge for more information about this historical attraction.

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