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Wat Leng Noei Yi 2

Wat Boromracha Kanchanapisek Anusorn also known as Wat Leng Noei Yi 2, this temple is undoubtedly the most spectacular Chinese temple ever built in Thailand. Located in Nonthaburi Province just north-west of Bangkok, it is about a 30 min taxi ride away from Novotel Bangkok IMPACT. The temple is of such great beauty and opulence it is said to rival temples in China. Parts of the temple are reminiscent of the Forbidden Palace.

Wat Boromracha, located in Bang Bua Thong District, took over ten years to construct and cost hundreds of millions of baht. It was built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the King’s ascension to the throne. Not only is the temple vast, it is also intricately decorated, making it a photographer’s paradise. From engravings in the walls, floors and ceilings to majestic statues, one can linger there for hours on end and discover new elements with each step.

It is quite a large complex with various interconnected buildings with three or four levels. Every visitor is sure to have a favorite level and room. One of the most striking is one with 12,000 little Buddha images covering all of the walls. It is recommended to go early around 9 am when it is less crowded and parking is easy. By noon, the place will be packed with devout visitors.

Address: Nonthaburi, Bangkok

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